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My food is an exciting combination of courses from the whole of Italy

From big cities to small forgotten villages, all my courses are original Italian classics that I have given my own touch. In a concise way you can say that my cooking is just me.

Pietro Fioriniello

Menu —

About the menu

At La Cucina Italiana we offer modern Italian cooking, tradition and inovation. With respect for the Nature and the animals our menus are seasonal and entirely dependent on the availability of raw materials. To give us the greatest possible freedom to choose what is best for the day, we have chosen not to specify the courses of our menus online. We simply want to be able to give our guests the best possible experiences with today's ingredients and at the same time avoid unnecessary waste.

Take away —

We offer various dishes for take away as well. See our special take away menu here:

Pietro's bag:

a must have at home​

  • Typical Italian 225:-

    Pasta di Gragnano I.G.P. 500 g
    Passata di pomodoro 720 ml
    100 g Parmigiano reggiano 24 months
    A fantastic dinner or lunch for 4
    Buon apparitio!

A la carte


  • From the sea 210:-
  • Antipasto Classico 210:-

    A journey throughout all of Italy.

  • Vegetarian Antipasto Classico 210:-

    A journey throughout all of Italy.


  • The Evening's Gragnano pasta 285:-


  • Tonight's risotto 325:-
  • A greeting from the Sea 350:-

    Fish from Gothenburg's fish market.

  • Tonight's meat dish/game 330:-


  • A selection of Italian cheeses D.O.P 140:-
  • Piccolo dessert 85:-
  • Grand dessert 130:-


Here at La Cucina Italiana, we do catering with Italian classics called Simple Life, for festive days such as, christenings, weddings, banquet, birthdays and other special occasions.

Please contact us and we will give you a proposal that fits your requirements. Call 031-166307 or send a message to


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I consult both large and small restaurants throughout the country in the Italian cuisine and its philosophy. How to open, operate and succeed with an Italian restaurant.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Pietro Fioriniello

Gifts —

Olive Oil from Umbria

Our olive oil from S. Eraclio di Foligno in Umbria is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the good life!

The oil has a deep green color with a little touch of gold. The scent is elegant, fresh and powerful with a slight hint of almond. The oil goes well with fish and meat carpaccio, as well as to all kinds of legume soups and grilled vegetables. It has a rich and potent flavor with many green tones of sorrel, dandelion leaves and thistle. A personal olive oil with a good taste balance of bitterness and pepper, and with a tone of almonds and dried fruit at the end.

Fatty acid content: max 0,2%
Category: Medium fruity
Price 225:-/bottle of 500 ml

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Gift vouchers

Longing for Italy!

Give away our gift card! A gastronomic journey through all of Italy. To be experienced here or to take with you home.

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